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Trafigura authors

Jeremy Weir

Jeremy Weir

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman Trafigura Group

<p>Jeremy Weir became Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trafigura in April 2018. This follows his appointment as CEO of the company in March 2014 after a career spanning nearly three decades in commodity and commodity derivative markets.</p>
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Trafigura_Author_Saad Rahim

Saad Rahim

Chief Economist and Global Head of Research Trafigura Group

<p>Saad is the Chief Economist and Global Head of Research for Trafigura, a market leader in the global commodities industry. He is responsible for the company’s views on markets and macroeconomics, including the outlook for oil and metals markets, commodity prices, equity and credit markets, and political risk.</p>
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Trafigura_Auhor_Jonas Moberg

Jonas Moberg

Head of Corporate Affairs Trafigura Group

<p>Jonas joined Trafigura in October 2018 as Head of Corporate Affairs for the Group. The Head of Corporate Affairs is responsible for Trafigura’s external relations, communications and corporate responsibility strategies which support the expansion of Trafigura’s commercial footprint.</p>
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Guest authors

Trafigura_Author_Vincent Faber

Vincent Faber

Executive Director Trafigura Foundation

<p>Vincent Faber was called in 2008 by Trafigura to create the Trafigura Foundation, the company’s philanthropic institution. Today, he still spearheads the Foundation and takes care of its day-to-day management, from the definition of the operative strategy to the selection of programmes.</p>
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Trafigura Author Auret Van Heerden

Auret van Heerden

Labour rights expert and founder of Equiception

<p>Auret van Heerden is a labour rights expert and founder and CEO of Equiception, a consultancy that specialises in sustainable supply chains, corporate social responsibility and workers’ rights.</p>
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