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Trafigura authors

Jeremy Weir

Jeremy Weir

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman Trafigura Group

<p>After a career spanning almost three decades in commodity and commodity derivative markets, Jeremy Weir was appointed Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trafigura in April 2018.</p>
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Jose Larocca

Jose Maria Larocca

Executive Director and Co-Head of Oil Trading Trafigura Group

<p>Jose Maria Larocca was one of Trafigura's earliest employees, joining the company in London in 1994. One of his first roles was on the Oil Deals Desk before he moved on to a series of commercial roles including a naptha and gasoline trader.</p>
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Trafigura_Author_Saad Rahim

Saad Rahim

Chief Economist Trafigura Group

<p>Saad is the Chief Economist for Trafigura, a market leader in the global commodities industry. He is responsible for the company’s views on markets and macroeconomics, including the outlook for oil and metals markets, commodity prices, equity and credit markets, and political risk.</p>
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Trafigura_Christophe _Salmon

Christophe Salmon

Chief Financial Officer Trafigura Group

<p>After joining Trafigura as the Chief Financial Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in 2012, Christophe Salmon became the Chief Financial Officer for the company in October 2015.</p>
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Rasmus Bach Nielsen

Global Head of Fuel Decarbonisation Trafigura Group

<p>Rasmus Bach Nielsen is the Global Head of Fuel Decarbonisation with the objective of reducing the Group’s shipping emissions footprint. Working closely with Trafigura’s Power and Renewables team, Rasmus also focuses on project origination around green fuels and their possible off-takes and furthermore serves as non-executive Director for TFG Marine.  </p> <p> </p>
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James Nicholson

James Nicholson

Global Head of Corporate Responsibility

<p class="x_MsoNormal">James is Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at Trafigura, having joined the company in 2010 to help establish a Corporate Affairs team.</p>
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Trafigura_Auhor_Jonas Moberg

Jonas Moberg

Former Head of Government Affairs Trafigura Group

<p>Jonas joined Trafigura in October 2018 as Head of Corporate Affairs for the Group and is then Head of Government Affairs. He left the company in May 2021.</p>
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Amin Zahir

Former Head of Metals and Minerals Trafigura Group

<p>Amin Zahir was appointed Head of Trafigura’s Metals and Minerals Trading in November 2015. <span>He joined Trafigura in January 1997 in operations with a focus on Eastern Europe in copper, lead and zinc concentrates and started trading the same regions and commodities two years later. </span></p>
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Celine Yvon

Céline Yvon

Deputy Director at the Trafigura Foundation

<p>Céline has a 20-year track record across the full spectrum of social change, venture philanthropy and international cooperation. As the Deputy Director of the Trafigura Foundation, she oversees a global portfolio of partnerships geared towards improving the living conditions of vulnerable communities in countries where the Trafigura Group is active.</p>
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Socrates Economou

Socrates Economou

Head of Nickel and Cobalt Trading

<p>Socrates Economou joined Trafigura’s metals and minerals division in 2007 after graduating, working in Africa and China before moving to Geneva. He was appointed Head of Nickel and Cobalt Trading in 2016, developing the trading books as demand for these metals has grown as a result of electrification and renewable energy technologies. </p>
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Guest authors

Trafigura_Author_Vincent Faber

Vincent Faber

Executive Director Trafigura Foundation

<p>Vincent Faber was called in 2008 by Trafigura to create the Trafigura Foundation, the company’s philanthropic institution. Today, he still spearheads the Foundation and takes care of its day-to-day management, from the definition of the operative strategy to the selection of programmes.</p>
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Trafigura Author Auret Van Heerden

Auret van Heerden

Labour rights expert and founder of Equiception

<p>Auret van Heerden is a labour rights expert and founder and CEO of Equiception, a consultancy that specialises in sustainable supply chains, corporate social responsibility and workers’ rights.</p>
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Karoline Heitmann

Karoline Heitmann

Corporate Initiative Manager European Venture Philanthropy Association

<p>Karoline Heitmann is Corporate Initiative Manager at the European Venture Philanthropy Association’s (EVPA). Since she joined EVPA in 2018, Karoline has been working with a community of 70+ Corporate Social Investors (such as corporate foundations, impact funds, accelerators, social businesses). In her role she conducts research on the latest corporate social investing trends, such as strategic alignment and employee engagement, and develops practical tools and guidelines. Next to this, she organises events and workshops for Corporate Social Investors across Europe and supports the organisation of the C Summit, Europe’s first corporate philanthropy and social investing summit.</p>
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Vanessa Hans

Private Sector Specialist, Basel Institute on Governance

<p>Vanessa Hans is a Private Sector Specialist with the Basel Institute on Governance, an independent not-for-profit organisation working around the world to strengthen governance and counter corruption and other financial crimes.</p>
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Dr. Tristan Smith

Associate Professor at UCL Energy Institute, London and Director at UMAS maritime consultancy

<p>Dr. Tristan Smith is an Associate Professor at UCL Energy Institute, Director of UMAS maritime consultancy as well as Director of the Research Council UK funded project Shipping in Changing Climates, a multi-university and industry research project and leads the modelling work on supply and demand interaction and evolution.</p>
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